Rose Hand Mirror, Hand held Mirror, Flower Mirror, Wooden hand mirror Girl Black Walnut wood Handmade Made in USA MHM

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Dimensions: 4 3/4'' WIDE x 9 1/4''Long x 5/8'' Thickness

Beveled Glass 4 '' Round

+Wood: Walnut wood (USA)

+ Designs: Combination of exotic and domestic hard wood as Oregon Black walnut, Oregon Madrone Burl, African Ebony, Holly (USA), Cherry (USA), Purple Heart(Brazil),Cherry(USA),Ebony(Africa) , Hawaiian Koa (USA), Holly (USA),Blood wood (North America).

This mirror can be use as a wall mirror, bathroom mirror, vanity mirror or purse mirror / Round mirror.

To turn it into a wall mirror, purchase the holder that is made only for our mirror with the following listing:

It comes with screws and anchors.

To Personalized your mirror, Please follow the link:

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This large hand mirror is handmade to last forever.Due to the hard work we have put into it,it feels so silky.You will enjoy using it every time you will need it. We use NATURAL WOOD from all over the world in their natural COLOR to make unique products (None of our hand mirrors is exactly the same due to the variety of wood we use).

We are proud to be one of the few businesses if not the only doing MARQUETRY on hand mirrors.One of the reason is because it is a very delicate venture that requires a lot of experience and patience.

Thank you for appreciating at our work.